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Polish language online courses
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Why learn Polish?
Because it's an interesting language. A good knowing of each language will give you many benefits, both in your private and professional life.
Why online?
You can learn comfortably from anywhere you feel comfortable. You lose nothing by changing the location. Our teachers connect with you remotely.
Who is our school for?
For foreigners and Poles. For children, teenagers and adults. For beginners (A1/A2) and intermediate (B1/B2).
How to learn with us?
It can be intense or calmer, in groups or individually. Our teachers are experienced in maximizing results in a short time.
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Nauka języka polskiego
Język polski dla obcokrajowców

Highly qualified staff

In Po polsku we work only with the most qualified, experienced, highly rated teachers of the Polish language.

  • Teachers of Polish as a foreign language
  • Examiners of the State Examination Certified in Polish as a Foreign Language
  • Polish language teachers with many years of practice
Beginner course (A0/A1)

If you have just come to Poland or are just planning to come and you do not know Polish at all.

Beginner course (A1/A2)

Learn the basics of the Polish language quickly, in a relaxed and open atmosphere.

Certificate exam (B1) - step by step

Weekend course for those taking the certificate exam at level B1.

Preparation course for the certified examination (B1)

Get ready to get a certificate in Polish as a foreign language at B1 level.

Individual course

The teacher will be at your disposal only and together you will focus on the most important issues.

Intensive course for Ukrainians
"Polski na start"

We have created the course for people who are new to Poland and do not know the language, but want to communicate in everyday situations as soon as possible, and want to work in a Polish-speaking environment as soon as possible.

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Konwersacje język polski

Start to feel comfortable speaking Polish!

Are you just starting your adventure with the Polish language, or do you want to improve your skills, or are you preparing for a certified exam? You've come to the right place!

With the help of our qualified staff of teachers of Polish as a foreign language, you will learn Polish effectively and comfortably without leaving your home!

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Effects are our goal

We teach to maximize the results of our students, focusing on their needs and requirements.

With Ms. Marta's help, I was able to get a lot more points in the exam! 🥰
  • 60

    duration of the group lesson

  • 45

    duration of an individual lesson

  • 2-3

    small groups increase efficiency

  • online learning, face to face with a teacher

Professional teachers

Our staff consists only of experienced teachers and examiners of the Polish language.